Backup Your WordPress Website The Easy Way With BackupBuddy

Today we are going to share with you one of our best kept secrets, an application that saves us hours of time on every project (yes, every project) and provides piece of mind every day. That application is BackupBuddy.

Websites get hacked every day

Every day websites around the globe get hacked or taken down, your site could be next! If it is, how long would it take you to do a full restore and be back online, with a recent copy of your website and all its files? A couple days, a few hours perhaps. How about 20 minutes? Well that's about how long it could take you to restore a BackupBuddy copy of your website, including making yourself a Bulletproof Coffee!

BackupBuddy is packed with options

Besides being the most easy to use backup solution we have ever used, BackupBuddy comes packed with more options than most website owners will ever need. Apart from being able to package up and store your backup files, which includes a complete website backup or just a database, BackupBuddy also offers:

  • Offsite storage
  • Scheduled backups
  • Email notifications for backup statuses
  • Malware scanning
  • Individual file restoration
  • Database scan and repair, and a whole lot more…

Moving your website is just as easy

Moving your website to a new web host or even a completely new URL is made very easy with BackupBuddy. For a developer, having the ability to easily move a website form one server to another in as little time as possible is essential and can be a massive time saver.

BackupBuddy's URL Replacement feature takes the hassle out of moving your website. BackupBuddy replaces all the URLs for you when you migrate a site to a new domain. BackupBuddy even has a tool for replacing other text in your database.

Learn a little more about the backup, migrate and restore capabilities of BackupBuddy.

Still not sure?

If you're serious about protecting your website and taking the necessary precautions that could potentially save you hours of troubleshooting and time on the phone with your developer, than BackupBuddy is a ‘no-brainer'. It's cost effective, easy to setup and doesn't need a developer to manage which means you save money and receive invaluable piece of mind that you can have your website back online or moved to a new home in literally no time. But don't take my word for it, go get BackupBuddy and see for yourself!