About Us

We help bring your business and ideas to life and market them online.

The Web Monsters are a dedicated and passionate team of web professionals and online marketing strategists. We help bring your business and ideas to life and market them online.

Our Story

The Web Monsters opened its doors in early 2012 when its Founder and Director, Justin Roselt, jumped on the opportunity to cater to small business and start-ups requiring digital strategy and online marketing guidance as well as help navigating the digital landscape.

Since 2012 the focus has widened some and sharing our skills and knowledge through our articles and newsletter has become a focus while leveraging what we have learned along the way to provide our new and existing clients with continued great service.

The Monster Logo

Our logo is a little quirky and was created by our good friend, Stuart Hale. It was inspired by the movie Monsters Inc. and intended to be a little fun while at the same time being somewhat creative. Plus my two boys love it!

While we have matured and developed as a business, we have decided to keep the original logo to this day.

What We Do

At The Web Monsters we focus our energies on the things we enjoy the most and provide the greater benefit for our clients – this being; Digital StrategySearch Engine OptimisationWebsite Development and Email Marketing.

Our website design services cover all areas and aspects of the design and delivery process including Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation and content copywriting.

From wire-framing to prototyping, social marketing to usability workshops, we believe we have all aspects of your next digital project covered.

Connect With Us

We're pretty easy to connect with and happy to chat any time. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, kids, school pickups and businesses to run. So reach out to us however suits you. Callemailonline chatonline form – all is welcome.

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